Karting for disabled.


On this site we inform you with adjustments, experiences and media about a a special kart for disabled people.

This kart is specialy made for people with less handfunction, done by a special steeringwheel with rotationbrake and rotationthrottle done with one hand. And the standard brakingsystem is replaced by a Brembo-system.

This all is done by Jan Smit, special thanks to him.

When you rotate the right hand towards your body(down) you open the throttle and when you rotate it to the other side, you brake.

Back in the kart for the first time, after six years since my accident. We tested the kart at the circuit in Uitgeest. You can find the movie under the name, 13-07-05 testing at Uitgeest.

Now there is a Recaro-chair in the kart. This one mus give more stability to our body. It will be tested soon.

Beside the special kart there are 2 new karts. 2 of the same Rotax-Max engines. One will be adjusted just like the special kart.

When the second one is ready, we will let people feel what karting is all about by doing it yourself. This is only for disabled people. So if you are disabled and want to feel what karting is like, fill in a mail and cget in contact with us.

Mighty M & Quantas X van Mighty Mark Development.